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December 6, 2011


API Changes

Bug Fixes

Split/Spanned Zip Changes


March 14, 2011

These are the most significant features, fixes and changes made since v3.05. There are many other bug fixes and low-level improvements, the details of which are available in the Subversion log.


Bug fixes


v3.05 final

February 8, 2010

Bug Fixes

v3.05 release candidate

December 30, 2009


Bug Fixes

v3.05 beta 6

March 10, 2004

Bug Fixes


In order to fix bugs [698162] and [912918] a new set of defines were added to that allow you to control the way Abbrevia extracts files. This is a temporary hack and I will be refactoring the code to make them redundant after 3.05 is released. The defines only affect AbUnZip in AbUnzPrc.pas.

When extracting files, we have three options:

  1. Clobber - Write in place. This is the original behavior, and the side effect is that bug [698162] will reappear. If you try to overwrite a file by extracting from a password protected zip and aren't able to give the correct password the original file is deleted.
  2. Memory - File is extracted to memory, and if successful is then written to disk.
  3. TempFile - File is extract to the temp directory, and if successful is then moved to correct location.

In testing, the memory option is the fastest as long as you don't end up using the page file. Once you start to page, this option is usually (not always) slower than TempFile method. Clobber was not tested for performance, it was the original method and buggy.

The TempFile method is the current default behavior.

v3.05 beta 5

February 7, 2004

v3.05 beta 4

January 30, 2004

v3.05 beta 3

January 26, 2004

v3.05 beta 2

October 1, 2003

NOTE: Disk Spanning and Splitting does not work at all in this release.

Bug Fixes

v3.05 beta 1

August 6, 2003


Bug Fixes